Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do this, not that!

In order to run a successful ad campaign, it is important to have a plan. At Paramount Promotions, we want to help you reach your potential and discover which advertising strategy is going to work best for you. Whether you prefer inflatables, vehicle wraps, or our digital printing technology, it is key to keep in mind your target audience and end goal. When planning out your marketing strategy, be sure to avoid some of these key mistakes:

1. Do as your competitors do: Avoid gimmicks similar to your competitors. Find a niche of your own and start a new promotion to draw in new and untouched business. If sandwich shops down the street offer take out discounts, why not try a delivery promotion instead!

2. Targeting too many markets: Again know your niche! Do not aim for high and low income customers simultaneously. Use well placed strategies with designs that will appeal to the market you are targeting.

3. Focusing solely on new customers: Don’t forget to sustain the attention of your current customers. Offer promotions for returning business to a customer base that is already familiar with your work. By retaining a strong customer base, you will build future business off referrals!

By avoiding these simple marketing mistakes and combining your knowledge with eye catching advertising, you are sure to run a successful campaign to reach your target audience, and Paramount Promotions is here to help!

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