Monday, April 4, 2011

Elegant & Creative Redesigns

As you know, at Paramount Promotions we heavily endorse attracting attention to your brand through large format printing, including inflatables, vehicle wraps, and more! However, we are also aware that there are many alternative solutions. Of course, a company who did nothing but produce billboards year after year would not be a very successful company. For this reason, we'd like to place emphasis on one particular method of attracting attention: brand redesign.
There are several different approaches to a brand redesign. Some companies choose to focus on the product, while others focus on the design of the brand. Whichever method you choose, it is important to make sure that to some extent you are doing both. Beyond that, many tips and tricks for an effective redesign are debatable. For example, some successful redesigns have involved a completely new logo and brand standard, while others have taken existing brand elements and made them more modern. Similarly, some companies choose to surprise their audience with a quick, full release, while others offer a sneak preview, or roll-out new elements slowly.
Below, we've selected a few of our favorite redesigns from over the years, courtesy of function. Each of the redesigns shown is very different - but was still extremely effective. Which is your favorite?

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