Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Searching for the Truth in Advertising?

Ah, the fast food controversy. The argument points are endless: how much real meat do they need to include? How low of prices can they offer food for? How many calories can they cram into one value meal? And, of course, our personal favorite: when does advertising become false advertising?
Contrary to popular belief in the fast food industry, there are effective ways to employ honest advertising. Through great graphic design and exemplary large format printing, Paramount has all a company needs to fairly and accurately market their product. Unfortunately, the advertising executives behind many popular fast food chains have yet to figure this out. The pictures below show comparisons between fast food menu items shown in advertising compared to the most attractive version of the real thing.

Well, it is opinion time. What are your thoughts? Are these photos great ways to drive traffic, or borderline illegal forms of false advertising? Share your thoughts!

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