Friday, April 29, 2011

Channeling Creative Energy

Sometimes as employees in the creative realm, it is easy to get overwhelmed with ideas outside of work. However, there are creative ways to fuel your creative energy outside of the office just as well as there are inside.
For instance, imagine your child's delight upon receiving the dresser at the left! In decorating, your imagination is the limit, and there are always ways to make things happen. At Paramount, we love to think outside the box for new ideas, whether professional or not! Of course, we appreciate creativity the most when it is in the form of attracting attention - but we think any form is a great use of energy!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hot off the Press!

Hot off the press, Paramount Promotions is excited to show off one of our latest custom banners. Not to brag, but Paramount Promotions has some pretty awesome technology that can produce high quality digital prints in a time frame that fits your company's schedule. Paramount uses UV-inkjet printer and wide-format Solvent printers that can print on many different types of banners. Banners and signs can be up to 16 feet wide without seams, and these signs are durable enough to be used inside or outdoors. Paramount Promotions can also use our digital printing technology on Billboards, Fence wraps and Window graphics. Take a look at our latest creation for SunTree!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekend Forecast: 90° and Sunny, aka Boating Season!

Alright Arizonans, it is that time of the year again. While the rest of the country is still cleaning up leftover snow, Arizonans are busting out the shorts, tank tops, and bikinis. What does that mean? It means it is time to get your boat in tip top condition to ride those waves, and Paramount is here to help!

We speak often of our ability to produce top-quality vehicle wraps, but it is important to note that we can wrap just about anything! In fact, Paramount CEO Brad Bergamo is a boating fanatic himself, so he takes personal pride in being able to help you design your dream boat.

Now, all you need to do is figure out what you want! When it comes to wrapping your boat, the options are endless. Perhaps you want your company's brand on your boat to impress your clients - Paramount can do it. Perhaps you've always imagined a boat with all of your favorite colors, recognizable by the masses - Paramount can do it. The point is, if you can think it, we can wrap it! Not sure what you're looking for? Check out the attached photos for inspiration.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That's a Wrap!

Check out the video below to view one of Paramount Promotion's latest vehicle wraps in action! We were so excited to film the process and show you how it actually works. Its crazy how a plain white SUV can turn into a work of art, or an advertising machine! Paramount Promotions can wrap any vehicle, no matter the shape, size or color. It is also possible to use the same technology to wrap boats, buildings, planes, and more! Vehicle wraps are a low cost, innovative solution for your advertising needs!

Keep checking back on our brand new YouTube channel for more videos! We'll keep you updated as often as possible.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Searching for the Truth in Advertising?

Ah, the fast food controversy. The argument points are endless: how much real meat do they need to include? How low of prices can they offer food for? How many calories can they cram into one value meal? And, of course, our personal favorite: when does advertising become false advertising?
Contrary to popular belief in the fast food industry, there are effective ways to employ honest advertising. Through great graphic design and exemplary large format printing, Paramount has all a company needs to fairly and accurately market their product. Unfortunately, the advertising executives behind many popular fast food chains have yet to figure this out. The pictures below show comparisons between fast food menu items shown in advertising compared to the most attractive version of the real thing.

Well, it is opinion time. What are your thoughts? Are these photos great ways to drive traffic, or borderline illegal forms of false advertising? Share your thoughts!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Client Feature!

We’ve been keeping busy over at Paramount Promotions helping out some of our clients with their latest needs and projects. We have been very excited to be putting our advanced technology and in-house design team to work, creating custom signs and vinyl banners for many diverse vendors and events. Signs and banners are the perfect way to advertise your upcoming event, as well as provide pricing, timing, and directional information to your audience. Custom vinyl signs are an effective way to reach your target market and provide detailed information to your current and potential customers.

One of our latest projects has been working with Indigo Contracting Services. As you can see to the left, we’ve created some custom banners displaying their projects and services to potential clients. Indigo specializes in exterior renovations and new construction projects. After over 10 years of service in the valley, Indigo has expanded their trustworthy and reliable business to the greater Southwest.

Thank you Indigo for your continued support and business with Paramount Promotions!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do this, not that!

In order to run a successful ad campaign, it is important to have a plan. At Paramount Promotions, we want to help you reach your potential and discover which advertising strategy is going to work best for you. Whether you prefer inflatables, vehicle wraps, or our digital printing technology, it is key to keep in mind your target audience and end goal. When planning out your marketing strategy, be sure to avoid some of these key mistakes:

1. Do as your competitors do: Avoid gimmicks similar to your competitors. Find a niche of your own and start a new promotion to draw in new and untouched business. If sandwich shops down the street offer take out discounts, why not try a delivery promotion instead!

2. Targeting too many markets: Again know your niche! Do not aim for high and low income customers simultaneously. Use well placed strategies with designs that will appeal to the market you are targeting.

3. Focusing solely on new customers: Don’t forget to sustain the attention of your current customers. Offer promotions for returning business to a customer base that is already familiar with your work. By retaining a strong customer base, you will build future business off referrals!

By avoiding these simple marketing mistakes and combining your knowledge with eye catching advertising, you are sure to run a successful campaign to reach your target audience, and Paramount Promotions is here to help!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Elegant & Creative Redesigns

As you know, at Paramount Promotions we heavily endorse attracting attention to your brand through large format printing, including inflatables, vehicle wraps, and more! However, we are also aware that there are many alternative solutions. Of course, a company who did nothing but produce billboards year after year would not be a very successful company. For this reason, we'd like to place emphasis on one particular method of attracting attention: brand redesign.
There are several different approaches to a brand redesign. Some companies choose to focus on the product, while others focus on the design of the brand. Whichever method you choose, it is important to make sure that to some extent you are doing both. Beyond that, many tips and tricks for an effective redesign are debatable. For example, some successful redesigns have involved a completely new logo and brand standard, while others have taken existing brand elements and made them more modern. Similarly, some companies choose to surprise their audience with a quick, full release, while others offer a sneak preview, or roll-out new elements slowly.
Below, we've selected a few of our favorite redesigns from over the years, courtesy of function. Each of the redesigns shown is very different - but was still extremely effective. Which is your favorite?

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