Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Plus One Equals Four?

Check out this image we found on The Curious Brain! Its all about idea collaboration. At Paramount Promotions, we love taking your ideas and combining them with our own to make something awesome! You know what they say, two heads are always better than one. Working in a group always improves a basic idea you may have. You may think something would look great on a banner, but it may also look great on a vehicle wrap or inflatable! There is no telling where your ideas will take you, and our in-house design team is excited to hear what you already have in mind! Do not be afraid to share your ideas with others and build on the basics. When you take risks and collaborate, you never know what you will come up with, it could be the next big thing!

As you can see, with idea collaboration, it is possible for one plus one to equal four. Make sure you are making the most of all of your ideas - we'd be glad to help!

Monday, March 28, 2011

1 Darn Cool School

At Paramount Promotions, we talk a lot about the vehicle wraps that we do. While we are always sharing plenty of photos of big trucks, cars, and buses, there are plenty of smaller wraps we do that are worthy of attention as well.
A great example of this is in the door wrap, to the left, that we installed for Phoenix Children's Hospital. A place where families can find new hope, the Phoenix Children's Hospital specializes in medical care for children from all over the southwest. While it takes much more than a quick wrap for Phoenix Children's Hospital to continue serving the Valley as well as they do, we are honored to be a small part of that puzzle. Do you know of another valued Valley company with printing needs? Let us know!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Billboard Installation Process

Always wondered about the process of installing a billboard? Well, lucky for you, we have a few pictures today to show you just that! Moon Valley Nurseries, as we've mentioned in previous posts, has been a long-time client of ours. Regardless of the season, we love to help them out in their pursuit of attracting attention. To help them out this time, we created a small billboard for them to use to draw in the masses. As can be seen below, installing a billboard is a multi-step process, and of course the pictures only show a small part! Are you surprised? Share in the comments some other installation processes that may have caught you off guard.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Concert Check List

What do Jazz, Country, Rap, and Classical all have in common? They are all types of music that attract several different types of audiences. The one thing that always remains the same? The necessity of effective signage in and around these musical events.

Whether it’s outdoor signage to promote ticket purchases and attendance or directional signage that guides attendees to restrooms, ATMs, concessions and more, Paramount Promotions delivers custom signs and banners that are appropriate, budget-friendly, and durable.

To help you make sure your next event isn’t lacking the necessary exposure and leaving guests wondering, we’ve created a short checklist of your concert signage needs.

__ Promotional Vinyl Banners Announcing, Date, Time, Location and Performers

__ Signage around ticketing offices displaying ticketing information

__ Sponsor signs thanking sponsors and partners

__ Parking signs

__ Ticket booth signs

__ Will Call signs

__ ATM signs

__ Security tent signs

__ First Aid Station signs

__ Restroom signs

__ Concession banners

__ Merch Booth signs

Need help starting or completing your signage needs? Visit Paramount Promotions to design your custom vinyl signs, banners, and inflatables. Need some design inspiration? Our in house design team is ready to help you come up with your next great idea!

Friday, March 18, 2011

One More for the Win!

Looking for a fun springtime celebration? So were we, and that's why we headed out to the ball game! Of course, we had to get a little work done first. To help the Cubs on their mission to win as many Spring Training games as possible, we updated the signage throughout Hohokam Stadium. As you can see, this involved signage both outside and inside the stadium, and it sure did help to attract attention! Although the Cubs don't have the best Spring record in the Cactus League so far, we're confident that their upgraded stadium will help them score a few more W's before regular season begins!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spicy Salsa Sensations Vehicle Wrap

Every so often, we get to do a project that whets our appetite so badly we can't wait to get home for dinner. Although this is not a common occurrence, seeing that we are printers and not cooks, when it does we get excited to share the results! So, at the risk of whetting your appetite as much as it did ours, we'd like to share with you a few pictures of a recent vehicle wrap for our client, Salsa Sensations. This particular client requested a very quick turnaround, and as usual we were happy to oblige. The vehicle wrap was completed as quickly as possible, and at optimal quality as well. We think the bright attention-grabbing colors are our favorite part, what is yours?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Redefining Creativity

At Paramount Promotions we LOVE getting creative! We can take any idea you have, no matter how big, wacky or out of the box it may be, and turn it into your next greatest advertising tool. Paramount Promotions, uses innovative inflatables, digital prints, and vehicle wraps, as an effective way to market your next great idea, event, or brand. But among advertisers, there is currently a debate going on over how creativity is used in the market. Creativity has been the bases for advertising ever since advertising came to be, however, with new technology and opportunity popping up every day, it is important to remember to bare in mind a flexible definition. Experts are coming to one agreement, that is, creativity is not the problem, its the way in which creativity is used in communication. It is time to move beyond one way broadcasting, such as television ads and billboards, and look for creative opportunities in every part of our daily lives. The next generation of creativity needs to aim to connect people through their actions and their relationships to specific brands. Using creative advertising to link people to ideas or products is key. Only once you create an advertisement that causes a chain reaction, have you created a successful advertising campaign. It is equally important to connect both the people creating the products with the people creating the advertising. Separate, they will survive, but together they will be stand out among all competitors.

"There are two ways to be creative. One can sing. One can dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish."

Warren Bennis, Leasership Consultant

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Did you know?

You've seen our vehicle wraps, signage, and inflatables, but did you know that Paramount Promotions has the technology to digitally print onto sport courts?! Paramount Promotions is capable of customizing any sport court with words, logos, pictures, or any other unique requests! Sport courts, or Gamecourts, are becoming more popular in homes, with families beginning to keep healthy living at the top of their priority lists. First introduced in the 1970s, Sport courts can be any size or color, and used indoors or outdoors. These courts can be made of varying materials, depending on its intended use, and usually come with markers for specific games. For example, if you were intending to use your sport court as a basketball court, the free throw and three point lines would already come included. However, if you want your favorite teams mascot or logo in the middle of the court, Paramount Promotions can help! We're able print Sport courts for private or public use. Check out our latest Sport court printing below!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hidden in Plain Sight?

At times, it escapes our minds that what we're looking for can be right in front of us. Sometimes it is so well disguised, that it is hard to find even if we're looking for it. A quick change of perspective is often all it takes to find what you were looking for.

Alternatively, there are times when we intentionally disguise things into something unexpected. In many cases, true beauty can be created in this way. Here at Paramount, we believe that printing and design are both forms of art, and we can appreciate the hidden beauty behind both of them. It takes a very special kind of artist to create beauty out of something entirely unexpected, and we saw that today from Tim Noble and Sue Webster (via Neu Black).

The pictures shown below are known as Shadow Art, and in this instance, we think it is appropriate to let them speak for themselves. As usual, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why choose a vehicle wrap?

At Paramount Promotions, we are all about advertising in the most up to date and innovative ways. Vehicle wraps are becoming more and more common among advertisers today. In the past, it wasn't so much a vehicle wrap, as a vehicle paint. With the continuous improvements in wrapping, the use of vinyl covers now allows almost any type of vehicle to be wrapped without damage! Cars, buses and metros can be wrapped, unwrapped, and re-wrapped with ease. Mobile advertising is quickly surpassing other forms of advertising and are found to be more effective and reach a wider audience than traditional billboards. You can use a vehicle wrap to cover as little as a bumper, to as much of your vehicle as you desire! Advances in the vinyl industry now allow for back and side windows to be wrapped with perforated vinyl as well, though for obvious safety reasons the front window can never be covered. Check out one of our latest vehicle wraps for the Blue Sky Airport Parking Bus. This is a full vinyl wrap and we're crazy about the color and the attention it grabs!

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