Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why choose a vehicle wrap?

At Paramount Promotions, we are all about advertising in the most up to date and innovative ways. Vehicle wraps are becoming more and more common among advertisers today. In the past, it wasn't so much a vehicle wrap, as a vehicle paint. With the continuous improvements in wrapping, the use of vinyl covers now allows almost any type of vehicle to be wrapped without damage! Cars, buses and metros can be wrapped, unwrapped, and re-wrapped with ease. Mobile advertising is quickly surpassing other forms of advertising and are found to be more effective and reach a wider audience than traditional billboards. You can use a vehicle wrap to cover as little as a bumper, to as much of your vehicle as you desire! Advances in the vinyl industry now allow for back and side windows to be wrapped with perforated vinyl as well, though for obvious safety reasons the front window can never be covered. Check out one of our latest vehicle wraps for the Blue Sky Airport Parking Bus. This is a full vinyl wrap and we're crazy about the color and the attention it grabs!

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  1. Vehicle wraps can truly protect the original exterior paint of your car. If you want to attain a new car design and you want to protect your car at the same time, having a new vehicle wrap is a good decision.



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