Thursday, January 27, 2011

End of Week Motivation

At Paramount, we understand how easy it is to get overwhelmed. With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes things pile up over your head before you realize it. However, when you're doing something you love, as we are, it is important to step back and remember the big picture. Every so often, we'll stumble upon something that makes us remember why we do what we do. We wanted to share an example of this with you, in the picture below (credit From Up North):
Woody Allen got a lot of things right - this quote was one of them. Sometimes life is overwhelming, but don't forget the reasons you do the things you do. To us, we embrace our ability to build inflatables, design car wraps, and print banners for our customers. We know that our creations help our customers to succeed at what they love to do. This is the reason we come to work every day! It is also the reason we try to always be innovative... even if it creates failure from time to time.

Special thanks to all of our customers for allowing us to do what we love - help you succeed. An additional thanks to all who called last week for our #socialmedia special deal! Forgot to call? Don't worry, we'll have another special offer soon.

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