Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Wrap or Not To Wrap?

At Paramount, we like to stay up to date on the services we offer to our clients. Thus, we're constantly searching to find out the "buzz" on vehicle wraps, digital printing, large format printing, and all of our other many options. Today, we stumbled upon an interesting debate. "Do vehicle wraps work for B2B?" To us, this was a very interesting question.
It does make sense that many people equate vehicle wraps with B2C, or Business to Consumer. A Google image search for vehicle wraps shows that many of the first results are consumer product or service brands:
With options for real estate, sound systems, and home water systems, it is not surprising that people assume vehicle wraps are only practical options for B2C advertising. However, consider a few facts:
1. Assuming you find a company you can trust, vehicle wraps will never damage the paint of your car. In fact, vehicle wraps help to protect your car from sun, and other sources of external danger.
2. Placing an attention-grabbing vehicle wrap on a car will draw planned audiences that are appropriate to your business. Because you are able to choose exactly where the car goes, you know what neighborhood of consumers will see it.
3. As for the B2B vs. B2C argument, it comes to a rather simple question. Do business owners and executives drive? Yes, of course they do. It is rather silly to think that only consumer product brands can use vehicle wraps, because in high-traffic areas, you never know who will drive by your newly wrapped vehicle.
Of course, it is probably no surprise that we argued for the use of B2B vehicle wraps. The part that is surprising to us was the fact that people were doubting the effectiveness in the first place!

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