Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Successfully Rebrand

At Paramount, we use inflatable, vehicle wraps, and digital printing to accentuate your brand’s look and reputation. However, when your product or service experiences a decline in sales, you may be frustrated or even discouraged. One solution to consider would be to rebrand your image. Many familiar products have undergone successful brand changes in the last decade, including Coke.

While risky, if done correctly, reinventing your product’s look can be a true lifesaver. Here are a few tips when undergoing any rebranding:

1. Involve your consumers- go right to the source. Do smart research and ask your customers how they would like to see your product displayed and what would appeal most to them.

2. Test it- Some consumers will be hesitant at the thought of a new look and show nostalgic attachment to the original brand. Be sure to share the goal of your rebranding with your current customers, while keeping in mind your target. Are you rebranding to reach a new demographic?

3. Be confident in your product- rebranding will only go so far. Make sure all you need to do is reinvent your brand, not reinvent your product.

With these tips, as well as confidence and dedication, reinventing your brand may be just what your product needs. Check out Paramount's in house design team to help with your new look!

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