Thursday, November 4, 2010

Frito-Lay Inflatables

For over 75 years, Frito-Lay has brought us amazing food, and has done it in the
most energy-efficient way possible! We respect this company for all they do for
their customers and the environment. That is why we are proud that they have
included Paramount Promotions as part of their latest advertising creation! We
recently re-faced an inflatable with new artwork for their Scoops Whole Grain
chips, as you can see below. Along with this, we should be providing them with 7
more chip bags before the end of the year! Two of these will be new builds from us,
and the other five will be re-face projects. Looking for our other inflatable projects?
Check out our inflatable gallery!

At Paramount, we are always eager to help out new clients with whatever you
need! We will be proud to add your product to our gallery, whether it is a banner,
inflatable, or vehicle wrap. We promise you nothing less than quality work and a
lasting relationship!

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