Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Brand Gap

What makes a brand? How can we make it more appealing? The Brand Gap is a great book that speaks of bridging the distance between business strategy and design. We like their fun way of looking at the design world in terms of creativity and innovation. It highlights the things that we believe most at Paramount Promotions; gaining customer trust through reliability and making a brand appear more charismatic!

This book claims that a charismatic brand is any product, service, or organization that people believe there is no substitute. Distinctiveness, appropriateness, and likeability are three key features to build a stand-out name. Isn’t this what every business wants to aim for? Like the book says, communication used to be a monologue between the company and the audience, now it is a dialogue! Use the help of Paramount Promotions and be ready for all of your success, we would love for you to inspire us with your great ideas!

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