Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Luma Brite Technologies

At Paramount Promotions, we're all about grabbing attention. We are constantly searching for new technologies that will enable us to attract the attention of a larger group of people. If you look twice at something, or perhaps think about it again later, then that advertising succeeded. That is the kind of image we are always trying to achieve. Well - we're excited to announce that we've found one to work on! Luma brite technologies, llc is one company that has recently introduced illuminated vehicle wraps. Check out the picture below.

Now, if that doesn't catch your attention, we're not sure what will! While we must admit we were a little disappointed we didn't think of it first, we are definitely not going to be the last. We're already checking out the technology needed to help us on our way. Keep your eyes out for more on this, we are confident that lighted vehicle wraps are the way of the future!

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