Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paramount and Monster Color

We are excited to announce the acquisition of another local large-format printing company, Monster Color. We are confident that this acquisition is the beginning of a great chapter for all of us here at Paramount. Besides an exciting step in the right direction, this decision has brought us several concrete gains as well, including:
  • Close to $1 Million in new annual revenue,
  • Four additional employees,
  • $200,000 of new advanced machinery.
Even without Monster Color's positive additions, we were already achieving great progress in the printing industry. The SeaLife Project, printing for the Insight Bowl, and printing for the Fiesta Bowl are all examples of the exciting, eye-catching projects we've been working on.

We can only imagine what this new expansion will bring us! We thoroughly enjoy every new project we work on, and cannot wait to share the exciting projects we work on in the future.

What cool attention-grabbing graphic would you like to see in your area?

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