Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Powerful Colors

You've heard the warnings about not shopping when you're hungry. You set foot into the grocery store and all of a sudden, everything looks absolutely delicious. Frozen foods, rotisserie chicken, the hot Cheetos...your stomach has full control of your mind! Did you know that a similar idea is applied by advertisers and stores?

Rather than food (because people are only hungry for so long), advertisers use colors. How many things catch you eye at the store because they're bright? In a previous post, we talked about packaging design making or
breaking a product. By combining great packaging with the right colors, a person will have a difficult time resisting the temptation to buy it.

This whole idea of color having the ability to influence people goes all the way back to Sir Charles Lemieiux and his color theory. He found that different colors and combinations affected a person's psyche. In other words, people would feel a certain way when they see a certain color. Of course, every person is different so the colors you'll find in this post may not be for you. However, if your looking to sell something to a friend or client, you may want to check out how these colors influence mood:

In 2003, there was a color associations study that that had people rate colors based on the emotions they felt when they looked at them. Researchers found that participants found blue to be most trustworthy, red was found to be the color most associated with speed, black was found to emit feelings of "high-quality," while yellow and orange were both found to emit a sense of cheapness.

From all of these colors and meanings and food, what do you think? Do colors really play that much of a role in what a person buys? Be sure to post your comment below!

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