Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Bland to Brand!"

Really, who wants to be bland?

An article from "Big Brand System" online caught our eyes here at Paramount Promotions and got us thinking...nowadays, anyone can get their business out there, but how do you get it to stand out? We agree with the following steps and find that if you aren't passionate about it, no one else will be either.

Target Fearlessly
Seriously, you have the product and aren't afraid to use it! Convey this in your message, let people know that you know what your product can do for them. Be creative with it (because we're pretty sure we wouldn't want to buy something from someone who came up to us and said, "Buy this now or you won't live!"...that's just threatening).

Listen to Popular Opinion
As different as you want to make your product, you don't want to necessarily go completely against what is trending. Listen to what the consumers want. Talk to them. You can't say communication never got anyone anywhere.

Tune in to WII-FM (this was catchy!)
It's not some new radio station, folks! It's an acronym - What's In It For Me? Your target market is asking it, which means you need to be thinking it! What benefits does your product offer?

Sweeten the Deal
People won't remember your brand or product if they see it once. Concerts and events happen that way, but not products. Repeat the exposure of your brand - create a mailing list to keep consumers updated. Make them feel connected and don't forget to connect with them! Social media nowadays is key.

All in Good Time
Tina Turner said it perfectly in her song, "Don't Rush the Good Things." Time is something to use to your advantage. Be consistent and, over time, you will have established your brand into what you want it to be.

What other tips have you found through your branding adventures? Do you have any advice for starting out or keeping things going? We'd love to hear them!

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