Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seven Tips for Effective Posters

At Paramount, though we live for printing, we also have a passion for design. Our design team is capable of producing some amazing things, so there is no need to fret if you need a banner but don't have a plan! Because of this passion, we are constantly looking up new ways of improving the process. Naturally, the blog post we just found from DzineBlog about how to design an effective poster not only caught our attention, but got us so excited that we felt the need to share. The article itself describes 7 tips for designing an effective poster, listed below.

1. Getting Attention
2. Keep it Simple
3. Use Great Fonts
4. Think: Information Consumption
5. Use Colors with Care
6. Think: Symmetry
7. Break the Rules!

You'll have to read the article to get the full scoop on each of them, but we think the list is rather self explanatory. A few tidbits of information straight from us though: one of the greatest tips listed is "Keep it Simple." It is important to remember that most of your audience will only remember one (if any!) piece of information from your advertisement. Text-heavy materials are sure to turn off viewers, as are image-heavy materials that don't make a clear point. However, as noted, a true design professional will never be afraid to break the rules when necessary. This, of course, should be used with caution by beginners. Have a question or need a tip? Don't be afraid to contact us! Our designers are always ready to help.

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