Thursday, October 7, 2010

Minimalist Design Strategy

If you're ever looking for a good read, be sure to check out A well organized blog, the authors have a wide array of graphic design-oriented topics to keep your creative brain yearning for more. One that we found particularly useful was "30 Creative Minimalist Print Ads - Saying more with less!" Minimalism is a great way to attract attention without distracting focus. These clever graphic designers made their points without any extra "stuff" - and they deserve extra recognition for that! While we won't spoil you with all thirty ads here, we will share a few - and it is definitely worth it to go check out the rest!

Straight out of Milan, Italy, a great advertisement for their public transportation system:

It's the hat - a clever (though rather controversial!) idea from a hat company, portraying that a hat can take you from Hitler to Chaplin...

And to wrap it all up, this one not only portrays minimalism, but also gives a lovely definition of the idea:

We don't want to ruin the whole blog for you, so go explore the remaining 27 ads as you wish! Each is at least as clever and innovative as the ones we've shown here, and anyone with an appreciation of design is sure to enjoy each one.

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