Friday, September 24, 2010

Out of the Box Marketing

Preparing marketing strategy often comes with the same, cliched advice. "Think outside of the box!" typically leads the conversation in this list. However, a cliche does not necessarily make something wrong. The phrase "think outside the box" alone is actually good advice - if you follow it. The reason phrases like this become cliche is because they get thrown around to people who don't understand. They "think outside the box" by making a billboard with colors they've never seen before, or by making a banner slightly bigger than it was the previous month. However, from a consumer standpoint, these minute changes make absolutely no difference in attention paid. When a brand actually thinks outside the box, they must do something completely innovative. A truly innovative idea will turn heads, and stick in heads - that is the kind of attention we like to grab at Paramount! However, this can be hard to do. For this reason, we've attached some inspiration.

While people often debate the ROI of billboards, we're certain this one provided a return. What a simple, affordable way to turn a billboard from something everyday to something innovative. That is our inspiration for the day, let us know if you have more!

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